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Aftenshow – World cup 2018

Hi there dear readers,

The past couple ofdays have been such a roller coaster! First of all.. that game on sunday! I know I was not the only one sitting on the edge of my seat! I cant start to imagine that feeling our boys on the national team must have felt, they played their hearts out and gave everything they had and sadly it still wasn?t enough! Even though I wasn?t in Russia, i felt that game as if i was there! I was up and down from the sofa, I was pacing around, hands in front of my eyes.. you name it! It was painfull having to be so far away from such a game. I wanted to be there, but duty at home calls!

I have been on the social media the past couple of days, following everything thats been said, the players posts and also because I am overfilled with proud wanting to express myself.. I know we didn’t go on to the next round, but we have such much to be proud of. We got further than expected (not me! I actually had a lot of faith, I thought they would go much further), we as a nation got brought closer together everywhere, work places, nurseries, restaurants.. even the streets were silent.. everyone was watching and routing for Denmark. I love that 11 players on a pitch can do this! Not only am I proud of our nation but I am over filled with pride for my brother! He played like a dream and it was truly amazing to see! I have been saying it all day yesterday, I hope he feels proud! He is a star and a hero for many of us out there, he gave us hope and he fought with his whole might and he did us proud! I know I am!

I went to the airport to greet Kasper and the team when they got back yesterday. It was with mixed feelings, standing there waiting and I could feel that I was not the only one who felt that way. Even though their arrival was kept quiet, there was still some fans and press who had figured it out and turned up. I didn’t quit know how to ?greet? him/them, because on one hand they sadly lost and on the other hand (Sorry for repeating myself) they did us proud and came quiet far! So I wanted to kind of celebrate them, but it didn’t feel right because they were obviously and understandably disappointed. So people kinda clapped, but then they didn’t and some greeted them with ?wuhu? or reassuring words.. it was really mixed. I just wanted to give Kasper a big hug and say welcome home, and sorry that your already home. Again, understandably you could see that many of the players just wanted to get out of the airport and go home to their families, so the tempo in the airport was quiet fast.. like ?HI?? okay were walking.. keep up kids 🙂 and as soon as we got out of the airport Kasper picked up my little girl and was goofing around with my son and it felt like he was happy to see us, it was good to see him again under the circumstances.

I was called into the ?Aftenshow? (An evening talk show in Denmark), to talk about Kasper and the our national team, now that the whole world is talking about Kasper. I was so nervous, I am not use to being on tv AT ALL! I have always hated seeing myself in pictures and in videos, so going on LIVE tv was a big step for me! But on the other hand, i really wanted to do! I wanted to show how proud I was! I think I called my husband 10 times leading up to the hours before going on, because no matter what, I know he can always reassure me and put me at ease. So I took a taxi there (Joakim was meeting me there), and the first person I met was a fallow makeup artist – Morten Kongsbak (very talented, worked with him once before). It was fun to be sitting in his chair for a change, because the funny thing is; i am normally the one doing the makeup while those that are going on TV are sitting in the chair, but rolls were reversed this time. Just to be able to sit back and relax! I am a big fan of that!

When I was finished with the glam part, I met with the host, who went though the questions with me (and after a year on maternity leave, my brain hasn?t practised the doing of ?remembering? so much, so I quickly forgot what was being asked)(Well done Cecilie – your off to a good start), but thankfully the host was very kind and helpfull throughout the interview. I stumbled quiet a lot in the start, I was lost for words and I said the wrong phases but it was so much fun and I think the audience understood what I was trying to say. ?Normally? (the few times I have been interviewed) I don?t get interviewed alone, it ?normally? with a family member – so this was so much fun to try!

I hope those of you who saw it, understood what I was trying to say and enjoyed it – I differently did!

Thank you for reading!

Have a great evening everyone <3 

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  • Gemma Stevens

    Hi Cecilie,
    It was so lovely reading your blog and having a little insight into your life. I was a huge fan of your dad when I was a child and now I am a huge fan of your brother. I always knew Kasper had a sister but never really knew much about you.
    I am a season ticket holder at Leicester City. I’ve been a huge Leicester City fan for over 30 years and it has been an honour having Kasper with us, especially as I was such a huge fan of your dad growing up too.
    It would be great to read more of your blog and learn more about you and the family so I am looking forward to reading more.
    I am also a make up artist too just like you.
    Keep up the fantastic work and give my love to the family.
    Warmest Regards,

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  • Sue Jones

    Hi Cecilia
    Wow so informative lovely article, nice hearing the behind scenes of the return of Denmark, Kasper did so well it is a shame it ended where it did but he should be proud as we are of him.

    My love of the Schmeichel family started with your Dad being a red but remember you both from being little there. Have followed Kasper to as he went from strength to strength and is the fine footballer he has turned into.

    I send my love to you all and wish you and your family well.

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  • Brian

    So adored ur father being now one of the few Danes here in my hometown 1992 was a life hilite that was joyous and profitable… Good luck to u going forward have a great summer!

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  • Sunniva

    Thank you for sharing. Er thought of you here, especially considering worry about threats from “bad fans” to your brothers teammates. It will propably always be a bit difficult being related and in family with well known people and celebraties. I Think you handle yourself very well!!! You are kind, down to earth, have so much energy and great ideas. – you are an inspiration,-like you brother, and father.
    Thank you for being you.

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  • Hi Cecilie,

    This was a really great read and a lovely insight to the homecoming of Kasper. Thank you for sharing! Before the world cup, Kasper commissioned me to do a painting of him with the Premiership trophy (he will finally get his hands on it upon his return) and he so kindly invited me over to meet in person next season. Im really looking forward to that!
    I watched the game with my in-laws in Poland and I can tell you Kasper is loved over here because of your Polish routes. I myself am Irish & although you guys denied us a place at the World Cup, I can tell you Ireland supported Denmark every step! I dunno if you ever heard the interview Kasper gave to Irish TV after the playoffs but he really did win over the hearts of s nation with his kind words & respect for us.

    Ill sign off for now but I wish to offer you the same support & I look forward to reading your future blogs.

    Kindest regards,

    Instagram: @eugene_horan

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  • Carole Chadwick

    Just love reading your blogs, congratulations my gorgeous Cecile! I’m very proud of you just as I am of Kasper! Lots of love from your Nursery teacher x

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