Happy birthday my "baby" girl!

Princess time!

Hej folks!

As some of you may have read, my little girl turned 1 last week and the same weekend we held her birthday party. I LOVE arranging, preparing and getting things ready for a party ? it?s so much fun! My husband doesn?t! He dreads these months because all of our family members and our god children?s birthdays start from June and goes on every month to January and I don?t say no to a party!

I start to plan the kids birthdays months before, because I have to find out the theme, guest list, place and order home props for the party. Uhh I love it!

One of the things that my husband dreads about these birthdays, are the amount of guests we invite. Both our parents are divorced and some of them have new families and we have a lot of close friends who also have established families ? so we quickly become a lot of people. Thankfully our children?s birthdays are in August and September, so we have their parties are in the garden.

We have designed our garden so there is something to do for all ages. We have a trampoline, a beautiful big playhouse, a football goal, a big sandbox, little golf putting area, outdoor lounge & BBQ with a seating area and this summer a little pool. So if anyone gets bored whilst at our house.. they should look within themselves 😛

For this birthday I had bought a piñata (Pink unicorn of course), which really brought everyone together! It was only for the kids, but everyone joined in on the fun. Started with the youngest first, so everyone could get to try. We actually went 4-5 rounds before it got knocked down!

Another fun element which also gathered everyone, was a Danish game called ?klodsmajor? (it properly excites in other countries but I don?t know what it is called), we had borrowed this garden size version from some friends who built it themselves (we are defo making our own soon), it was a lot of fun to play or just watch. It really brought the competitive side out of us! We used it for my birthday too, so there were some couples who needed a rematch (ex. Me and my dad ? I lost on my birthday BUT I WON THIS TIME YEYYYY ME!)

This birthday was of course a princess theme, finally I got to plan a princess party! YEY! With crowns, pink on pink 😀 Had a photo booth made though my work which I had designed myself. For Noahs birthdays, i did the same but i made some of them myself. I love having them at parties, its a great way to take pictures of everyone whilst they are ready but also a great way to remember back and see who was there.


For Noahs first birthday, i had a book made with the whole year that pasted, but i didn?t have time to do the same with Sofie (going to start it up soon), but i had made a wall with a pictures from everymonth, so they could see the progress 🙂

It was a great day, and all the ?feed back? from the day has been great! Everyone had so much fun and every kid found someone to play with – which makes me happy! Sofie had a good day, she is trying to learn how to walk, so she was up and down from the ground all day 🙂

(Sorry for wanting to take a picture of you with your smash cake hehe) 

Thank you for reader, hope you enjoyed! Now its on to my next project: Noahs birthday next month 😀

Please don?t use these pictures, they belong to me. Thank you!

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Happy birthday my "baby" girl!