If you want something – fight for it!

Some days are great.. but this just wasn’t one of them!

Hi there dear readers! 

Let me tell you about a day i had this week! It had been a week leading up to this where Sofie had been ill. Fever and problems with her ears. The weekend went relatively well, so we agreed that she was ready to go back to nursery Monday. We didn?t get any calls of her being ill, so we were thinking that we were over the sick part. I get to nursery to pick both the kids up, and the teacher says that Sofie had just fallen asleep, she had been fussy, so they laid her down for a nap. I didn?t want to wake her, so Noah and I goofed around until she woke up. We were playing on a big whale they have in the playground which was next to where Sofie was napping, and suddenly I look over and see that she had sat op and was RED in her face. I went over and I could see, something was wrong.. so I pick her up and the next thing I know.. I am COVERED in vomit! And its not only on my clothes, its down my bra, in my hair and not one single place anywhere else! Just to say.. I am wearing a black long sleeved dress.. its wasn?t black anymore!

So I am stood there in the middle of the playground, Sofie is crying and we are both covered in vomit.. I call one of the teachers for help and we go into the changing room. Sofie gets clean clothes on and I am removing big chunks of vomit from my bra! Thinking I had go the worst of it.. I am about to leave when the same teacher says ?do you mind if I take that big piece of pasta that?s stuck in your hair?..!!! EWWW! I am not ?afraid? of puke, but come on?!

Right at this point Noah is starting to act up because i have told him that we are not going to the store after all. Going to the store with puke ALL OVER me, is not something i care to do. We get in the car and start to drive him, and as we turn down our road, i hear a weird sound coming from the back.. i turn around and Sofie is bright red with puke down her self. I quickly stop the car, get her out because i can see that she is not done. We are stood in the middle of the road, me holding Sofie in an award way, her throwing up and Noah shouting ?I WANT TO SEE!?.. and we are only 300m from our home. Noah manages to take his seat belt off and is on his way over, still shouting ?I WANT TO SEE?, and whilst Sofie is still throwing up, I am shouting into the car ?STAY, SIT DOWN!?, trying to juggle this not so fun situation and a kind women who lives where we are parked, comes out because she can hear the chaos (YES we were that noisy!), wanting to help.. but honestly.. what could she do?

So we get back into the car, i have got Sofie on my lap (who is crying), the door isn?t fully closed (if incase she needs to throw up again) and Noah is in his seat.. so we roll those 300m back home.

We get home and honestly don?t know where to start! I call my husband to see if he is off work yet, but he is not.. and I am really fearing how much vomit there is in the back, but THANKFULLY she managede to keep it only in her seat! So i get the seat out before it starts to sink up the car and go back inside. I run a bad for Sofie and I, but she is still crying, so i quickly get myself clean and then afterwards her. I put her PJs on her and go upstairs to Noah, who is sitting nice and quiet on the sofa watch cartoons. We all snuggle up on the sofa, nobody is crying.. ahhhh, peace and quite!

? annnnnd ?WERID SOUND?! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you found my day a bit more amusing than I did that day. Sofie is finally better, but she was ill with influenza and an infection in the middle ear for almost two weeks! Bit of a nightmare 🙁

Big thanks to my mother and mother-in-law for stepping in when Sofie couldn’t go to nursery and we had to go to work!

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  • Kelynn Powell

    Wow! I think you a very strong and resilient mother. If I was being thrown up on, I think I would have thrown up too. That was quiet a story and a rough day for you, but I hope things ended nicely after everything. Keep on being a kickass mom!!

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If you want something – fight for it!